Innovating the Poker & Gambling Industry

The gaming business, like many others, has been transformed by technology. It has moved from land-based casinos to internet casinos.

With the help of new technology, the mobile gaming industry has grown to a net value of $120 million. Mobile technology is one of the best instances of how successfully technology can be used.

To comprehend how the gaming industry has evolved throughout time, you must first comprehend the gambling chronology.

We asked one of our gamer specialists, Kevin Cochran (see profile), to explain how technology affects casinos. Find out now.

Gambling History

In 1790, when gambling was still a novelty, Harry Ogden became the first person to gain a fortune through bookmaking. He worked at Newmarket Racecourse.

After surveying the fields, he was noted for setting odds on all horses. But betting did not move beyond the boundaries until 1960, due to a nationwide ban on betting establishments. English betting businesses became permitted in 1960.

Across the nation, over 10,000 shops opened, marking a major triumph for the Canadian gambling industry. Most current casino technology was not born yet. The odds were wired to the gamblers.

After 1986, developments occurred in the gaming industry. The regulations were altered to enable betting businesses to sell beverages and position players in front of TVs.

As a result of the new gambling legislation, additional games are available.

The 90s breakthrough

Fortunately, the increase continued. Other developments occurred in the 1990s, notably following the internet. Online casinos are already a reality with hundreds of real money sites in Canada.

By 2012, the situation had changed, and the number of players had grown. The gaming industry grew by $4 billion in 2014, and by $50 billion in 2017. The numbers tell a different narrative now, as the sector continues to develop and adopt new technology.

How mobile gaming affected the business

Various studies show that mobile gaming has had a big influence on the gambling business. In 2012, the number of gamers grew by 70%. Thankfully, the growth rate has accelerated.

Thanks to modern technology, many individuals in Canada and elsewhere may now have dependable connections and play their favorite games. Today, over 160 million gamblers use mobile devices to make bets.

The technical development allows the mobile gaming business to easily dominate the gambling sector. Currently, Canadians prefer mobile gaming. It lets kids play their favorite games from wherever.

They no longer need to go to a casino to play their favorite games. That’s about 45% of the internet gaming market.

What about the bookies?

However, betting businesses have had it tough, particularly with the rise of mobile gaming. Mobile platforms have provided players with the convenience and dependability they want via gaming applications.

To stay relevant in the fast-paced gambling sector in Canada and other nations, betting establishments have adopted new technology like touch displays. Having a physical chatroom attracts some gamers, particularly those who appreciate gaming’s social side.

Is gambling tech’s future bright?

When comparing the present state of the gambling business to earlier decades, it is clear that the sector is on the right track. It’s owing to modern technology. Thus, the industry’s future is certainly bright.

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