If you accept the mythology of the Phoenix’s immortal flame-birds, which are revered and respected in many parts of the world,

then you are a true believer. The Phoenix Rises slot game (available for free on our website) is a Chinese-themed slot game in which the phoenix serves as the primary symbol. The phoenix is seen as an immortal and powerful bird, capable of self-healing and reviving in flames. Some Chinese communities revere the phoenix because they consider it to be an enigmatic bird belonging to the deity of fire. and some individuals still believe The phoenix can bestow good fortune upon people who behold it. or if someone has retained the phoenix’s wing feathers It is regarded as a good amulet that may protect against evil. They bring good fortune to people who own them.

As a result, PGSLOT has chosen a phoenix, which represents power and good fortune, as the game’s theme and symbol. The slot machine Phoenix Arises is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 chances to win using unique symbols. Plus other bonus features that may let you to win the jackpot up to 100,000 times in a single spin.

Bonus icons of the Phoenix Rising DEMO slot machine

In the Phoenix Rises slot game, there are eight standard reward symbols, which are separated into high-paying phoenix-related symbols. …and a card face icon with a reduced payoff percentage If three or more identical symbols occur on a payline from left to right, the payoff for that symbol will be awarded immediately. The payment rates for each symbol are described below.

golden gourd symbol There is a 150-time maximum payout rate.

There is a maximum payment rate of 120 times for the red jade symbol.

green jade sign There is a 100-times maximum payout rate.

scroll symbol The maximum payout rate is eighty times.

The letter A has the greatest payout rate, with a multiplier of 50.

The letter K has a maximum payout of 50 times its value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of 40 times its value.

The greatest payout rate for the letter J is 40 times.

Special symbols of the online slot game Phoenix Rising

There are two sorts of special symbols in the Phoenix Rises PNG SLOT slot game, including symbols that make it easier to win rewards in standard mode. as well as symbols to activate the highest-paying bonus game option for you. Following are specifics about each unique symbol.

Wild symbol

The Phoenix slot game’s Wild Symbol is a phoenix with the word “WILD” on it. It only appears on reels 2 to 4. This symbol’s primary function is to replace for all winning symbols. If numerous payline-winning symbols are present, with the exception of the Free Spins Symbol, the Wild Symbol can also replace for all symbols that strike a payline.

Freespin icon

The Phoenix Rises Freespins icon is a crimson egg containing the text “FREE SPINS.” Three to seven Freespins symbols can activate the bonus game 12 times. In the bonus game, five or more Freespins symbols can be added, and the bonus game mode can be retriggered 12 times and so on. Highly recommended reading on what is a Scatter. Select here!

Unique Characteristics of the Phoenix Rises Free Trial

The Phoenix Rises slot game has only one unique feature, but it is a very useful one. Because it may grant the player a unique multiplier rate of up to 150 times ever, it is a rare multiplier. Here are the specifics of the unique features:

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Five or more Freespins symbols are required to unlock the free spins extra feature. Whether or not the symbols appear on the payline. can furthermore engage the bonus game mode for 12 turns. The specifics of this bonus depend on the number of Free Spins symbols acquired.

If 5 Free Spins are awarded, the multiplier will begin at 1x and continue to increase by 1x until the end of the bonus feature.

If 6 Free Spins are awarded, the multiplier will begin at 2x and continue to increase by 2x until the end of the bonus feature.

If 7 Free Spins are awarded, the multiplier will begin at 3x and continue to accumulate by 3x until the conclusion of the bonus round.

This additional win multiplier can build up to a maximum of 150x if 5–7 additional Freespins symbols appear during this bonus feature. Free Spins Perform Your Bonus Feature will be multiplied by 12, and there will be no limit on the amount of free spins you receive.

Consequently: Phoenix Rises PNG SLOT Slot Game Review

Online slot game review Phoenix Rises is an online slot game with a Chinese theme. The phoenix, a sign of strength and good fortune, is the game’s primary symbol. Playing unique game features will be similar to obtaining a bonus, and the special bonus mode can be played endlessly. As with the rebirth of the phoenix, PG SLOT will bring good fortune to all those who play this slot machine game, as the maximum bonus payout is 100,000 times the bet. saw this You cannot attempt.

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